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Here’s the story that I am glad to be able to share. I am a 35- year- old attractive male possessing ten inches of dick that’s as thick as a chicken egg. My neighbor Nicky is a great-looking college girl of 19. She’s five foot one and about 100 pounds. She’s very friendly, also I know her parents well, and she often confided to me that she was a virgin and had never happened upon the proper moment to change that was until the last time she came over to my house.

She was very upset with her boyfriend for teasing her about never doing the dirty deed (as he so eloquently put it). Nicky said that she often gave him head and that they participated in extensive foreplay. Although she was a little scared about going “all the way,” she admitted that she was very curious. She also told me that she had experimented with a vibrator a few times.

Well, this kind of talk aroused my interest, so to say, and I asked her to go get the thing so I could have a look at it. It was about eight inches long and as thick as my thumb. I told her that she should get a bigger one before she went after some real meat. Nicky laughed and said that her boyfriend’s cock wasn’t much larger, and that if I had something better, she would love a peek.

With that, she walked over to me, pulled my shorts down, and grabbed my half hard dick. At first she just held it, fascinated as it grew in her hand. She looked up at me and said it was at least  twice as thick as her boyfriend’s. Nicky coyly giggled, and told me that as long as she had started the machine, we might as well use it. I thought that was kind of cute, so of course I obliged.

When she removed her clothing, revealing her 19 year old body young firm, and waiting to be loved…I was ready for whatever she had to store. I started with a little foreplay; but she was hot and real ready for her first fuck, and I landed up on my back with her on top of me. Nicky started to rub her super wet pussy up and down my trembling hard-on. She muttered something like, “Now or never,” and began to force herself down on my erect cock. After a few moments of Nicky trying to get into the rhythm, she decided she wasn’t very comfortable. She turned around. Her beautiful behind was facing me, and she ground down more and more, trying to get all of into her.

Nicky was so tight, I couldn’t slide in or out. Her wetness gripped my dick as it slid back and forth, my cockhead being the only thing really moving inside of her. Experiencing this was too much for me, and I started to climax. By now Nicky was pounding up and down, moaning with delight and rubbing her tits in a near frenzy. With that I blew my load and kept filling her up with my sperm.

After what must have been at least ten seconds, she said she was really spent and began to lift up about an inch, breaking the seal we had between us. With my rod still inside her, Nicky did this incredible squeezing movement with her vagina, causing her to spurt my juices like a geyser around my cock. Nicky then climbed off me, definitely satisfied, her pussy still slick with my come.

As we lay there relaxing, Nicky said that she was luck to have had such a wild first time. I told her that it was hers. As Bonnie left my home, she turned and chuckled, saying with a very confident smile that she now had something to tease her boyfriend with…..


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