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I’ve been working at a major book store for a few months, and on my breaks I always read through Penthouse’s Forum. Up until last night the job had become extremely boring, and I was considering quitting. What changed my mind was the new employee that started yesterday. Amanda has an averagely attractive face, but her body is outrageous. She has a wild, untamed look about her. I was introduced to her when she first came in, and a few minutes later we were working at the cash register together. As I walked past her, I was sure that she reached down and tickled my crotch. I told myself that it was an accident and put the thought aside.

A few minutes later, Amanda got right in front of me and fluttered her eyelashes at me while licking her lips. I was extremely confused by her actions because we had only just met half an hour ago. At one point when there were no customers, she took my hand in hers, examined it, then ran her tongue across my palm before stopping to suck my finger-tips. I was really wondering about Amanda by this time, but I was not about to argue. When I went on my break, I was a little disappointed because I thought we might get a change to talk, but Amanda was nowhere in sight. I went into the back office and sat down at my desk to get a little paperwork done. I was soon greeted by a pair of luscious lips teasing my crotch, pulling on my 501’s and nibbling my inner thighs.

As she started unbuttoning my jeans, I thought. This must be a tease; there’s no way she can go much further here. In a matter of seconds I was proven wrong as she took my cock all the way into her hot little mouth. She kept deep-throating me with long, smooth strokes. I started to try to feel her, but she pushed me away, stopping her vacuum action long enough to tell me that she loves to please and I’d get my chance another time. There was nothing else I could do but lie back and enjoy this stranger’s warm, wet professional mouth.

As soon as I was about to come, Amanda sensed it and slowed down. She licked the top of my cock and said, “Cum in my mouth. I want you to just love my mouth.” She took one more deep stroke as I unloaded into her throat.

We both stood up and returned to work, the whole process not taking more than ten minutes. I never believed this could happen to me. I thought this sort of thing only happened in books and movies, but I’m not going to complain about it! I love my job now, and would never consider quitting---as long as Amanda sticks around!


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