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I’m a senior at a well-known Southern university, and I recently had an experience that was very new and different for me. In fact, having gone to an all-boys Catholic military high school, I was ill-prepared for such an encounter.

I recently attended a costume party thrown by one of the university clubs, having little idea what was in store for me. Sherri caught my eye the minute she entered the room. She stood five foot nine, and had blond hair and a body that looked perfect with what she wore (or didn’t wear). Her most striking feature was the way she carried herself---her walk was enough to make even a eunuch get an erection. I suddenly recognized her as a student on my floor (I was her resident adviser). Never before had I realized how sensuous she was. She soon disappeared onto the dance floor and was lost in the crowd.

After the party, I returned to my dormitory. While climbing the stairs to my floor, a door flung open, and out ran Sherri’s, Chrissy, soaked from head to toe. As the R.A., I stopped her to find out what was going on. Before she could explain, the door opened again, revealing Sherri, similarly drenched. The situation quickly revealed itself when a water balloon, intended for Chrissy, hit and exploded in my groin.

Torn between anger and embarrassment, and knowing that such shenanigans are against the rules, I felt compelled to do something. But since this was a harmless prank, and my father (being a judge) raised me as a just person, I knew I could hardly punish these young freshman coeds. As I looked at Sherri’s erect nipples and dark bush protruding from her wet T-shirt, my throbbing manhood convinced me to be lenient. After I got her to apologize and promise to clean up, I let them go. Walking to my room, I could hardly believe I had wimped out on such an opportunity.

As I was changing out of my wet clothes, hating myself for not taking advantage of the situation, there was a knock on the door. I quickly wrapped a towel myself, and opened the door to find Sherri and Chrissy once again. They apologized repeatedly and insisted on having my trousers cleaned and pressed. As I was getting them, I heard the door close. Next thing I knew, Sherri grabbed the towel, leaving me naked. Chrissy gasped at the sight of my engorging cock.

Before I knew it, Sherri had grabbed me and given me a wild, passionate kiss. With her tongue deep inside my mouth, my legs gave way and we collapsed onto the bed. Her hands roamed my body as she slowly kissed her way down to my now-erect dick. Her tongue glided up and down the length of my shaft, sending spasms of pleasure throughout my entire body. As I was nearing the point of no return, Sherri pulled away, and Chrissy, stark naked, strode over. Never having been with a woman before, I didn’t know wat to do. I was totally spellbound. The approaching ecstasy quickly diminished the fear I was feeling. Right or wrong, I knew there was no turning back.

Chrissy lowered her hot, dripping wetness onto my shaft and wrapped her legs around me. Carefully she guided my penis into her cunt. What a feeling! As it slid in, her pulsating pussy muscles started milking me for all I was worth. Within seconds, I exploded in my first orgasm of the evening. I came for what seemed like and eternity, but Chrissy was not about to stop. She continued on, and as she neared her climax, she started shouting at the top of her lungs, “Oh, I love your hot, long cock deep inside my pussy!” Then it happened. Chrissy tensed up, all the muscles in her body got rock-hard, and she burst into a colossal orgasm. I lay there in disbelief as she went into spasm after spasm.

The rest of the evening passed with me performing oral sex on both of them and fucking them every time my cock recouped. At about 6 a.m. and five orgasms later, I was finishing up with Dorie. She got off the bed and went to sit on the floor next to Chrissy. I then witnessed something I’d only read about in your magazine. Sherri started kissing Chrissy and, their mouths locked together, they started feeling each other’s body. I couldn’t believe my eyes----watching the two of them was an incredible turn-on. After a half hour, they both brought each other to orgasm in a hot sixty-nine. At this point, I had a raging hard-on that needed quick relief. I begged them to fuck me or at least suck me off, but unfortunately my pleas were ignored. They simply put on their T-shirts and left. Since then I’ve had various other encounters with Sherri, Chrissy and their boyfriends. I’d just like to add that for those of you who don’t believe, your day will come….


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