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 The bar was crowded...so when she entered, she walked right past the loud crowd and straight back into the bathroom; the men’s bathroom.  She kicked each stall door open with the heels on her thigh high boots as she held her long skirt scrunched into her hands above her thighs.  She breathed a sigh of relief as she noticed she was completely alone in the bathroom.  She quickly locked the door.  She then went straight to the mirror and applied a candy apple shade of red lipstick to her lips.  Next, she took the same lipstick, lifted her skirt above her thigh just where her panty line was and right below it, she drew a pair of lips and an arrow pointing up her inner thigh.  She heard the door shaking and she yelled out "occupied!"   Then pulled out her hot pink love vibrator and gently slid her laced red panties to the side.   Just as she was about to insert it into her warm, wet cunt she heard a key being inserted into the bathroom door.  She quickly pulled her skirt back down, hid the vibrator behind her back, unlocked the bathroom door and stood shaking behind one of the stalls...   A tall, dark, and handsome gentlemen entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him.  He then kicked open the bathroom stall and grabbed her by her ass cheek with one hand and lightly smacked the other cheek with a black leather sex whip he was holding in his other hand.

  He then pulled her even closer into him as he shouted "Where are the instructions!"  She quickly raised up her skirt...but this time her hands were trembling.  She spread her thighs and pointed at the lipstick drawing on her upper thigh.  He then dropped to his knees and began to lick the red arrow pointing to her wet center.  She couldn't help but moan and tremble in erotic anticipation of his tongue licking her wet cunt.  As he jammed his tongue into her center, she dropped the vibrator she had been hiding behind her back.  He quickly grabbed the vibrator, licked it clean, and then rubbed it on the outside of her wet pussy lips.  Then he shoved the vibrator in her hand and said "You do it".    So, she stood right there, looked him in the eyes and pleasured herself until she came.  She then dropped to her knees, pulled out his cock, and sucked it until he came down her throat.    Once he came, he zipped up his pants and left her standing there in the bathroom.  She got herself together and walked past the crowded bar and out the door.  Once she made it home, her kids met her at the door.  As she bent down to hug them, she could see her husband standing there holding the black sex whip from earlier in his hands.   

--Tokyo Rose

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