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It all started one summer when I was desperately looking for a job so I could pay my tuition. After several interviews, I stopped at a fast-food restaurant for a bite to eat. It was then that I met the loveliest creature I had ever laid my eyes on. After ordering my food, I sat down, keeping her in sight at all times. Suddenly, she started walking toward me and stopped at my table to ask me if I was satisfied with the food and service. She explained that she was the manager, and her main objective was to be sure the customers were pleased. Obviously, I answered that I was more than pleased. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask if she had any job openings. Surprisingly, she was looking for a part-time chef.

I asked her if she’d be willing to interview me. With a big smile, she wanted to know if I had the time to be interviewed that very moment. I got up from the table and she told me to follow her to her office. As she led the way, I stared directly at her enormous behind and my cock started to rise, forming a bulge in my pants. When I stepped into her office, I realized that she wasn’t wearing much of a brassiere. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were standing firmly at attention and she was focusing on my rising rod, which was about to rip through my pants.

She explained that she was on her break and slowly locked the door, complimenting me on my looks. As she got closer to me, I could feel myself starting to sweat. She grabbed my cock firmly and a moan of pleasure escaped my lips. I held her in my arms before gently placing her on top of her desk.
She had managed to pull my pants, and I unbuttoned her blouse, revealing breasts that looked like two juicy cantaloupes nestled in white lace. My mouthing started to water as I unzipped her pants----her sumptuous fur-burger looked even more appetizing.

By the time I had stepped out of my pants, she had turned herself around, placing us in a sixty-nine. She deepthroated me as I licked the love nectar that was seeping from her wetness. Slowly, she masturbated my cock with her luscious DSL lips. I couldn’t believe how wonderful her mouth felt. I ejaculated like a geyser down her throat. During that time I had a mouthful of her juicy crotch, and could feel her apply pressure to my joystick as her love juice ran into my mouth. After a few minutes of savoring each other’s body nectar, my heat-seeking moisture missile was once again zeroing in on the warmth that her body was sending out. I needed to move on to the main course, and I needed it now.

She positioned herself with her hands firmly gripping the edge of the desk. I slipped my knob into her box and started moving in and out at a steady pace. She screamed with extreme pleasure when I grabbed her boobs and erupted again, sending my love syrup deep within her sugar walls. I could feel the mixture of our fluids dripping down my leg.

She stood up slowly, sliding off my cock, and then knelt before me and sucked my popsicle dry as I savored the creamy juice from her love box on my fingers. After the most interesting interview I’ve ever had, we got dressed and I thanked her dearly. Oh, by the way, I didn’t get the job due to my lack of experience as a chef, but later that evening we got together for a bite to eat!

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