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"Harder! Harder! Clara yelled as she arched her back off her satin sheets.  The sounds of her moans were so deep that her cat whiskers even jumped on the queen-sized canopy bed to comfort her owner.  "Mmnn...yes...just like that" could be heard between each erotic moan.  The mood was set in her studio apartment.  Lights were dim, candles were lit, and the soundtrack to fifty shades of gray was playing softly in the background set to Bluetooth. 

Out of nowhere came a sigh of sensual relief and the arch in her back was now flat as she laid there relaxed with a hard dream love vibrating cock in the palm of her hand.  "Just what I needed" said Clara.  Clara was so wrapped up in that pleasurable moment of self-induced ecstasy that she had almost forgotten that she has a video conference call in less than five minutes with the C.E.O of her company. 

Clara quickly shut off her calendar alarm on her phone, turned the Bluetooth off on her seven-speed g spot vibrator with music and voice control, and grabbed her suit jacket and put it on.  She then sat her bare soft naked bottom at her desk, and turned on her laptop.  Clara could feel how wet her soft cunt still was as she ran her finger in and out of the center.  Clara answered the conference call, but not before grabbing the 10-speed mini bullet vibrator out of desk drawer.  Clara wanted more. More ecstasy, more clit stimulation, Clara basically wanted to bust one more orgasm.   As the C.E.O went on and about numbers and figures...Clara squirmed up and down and side to side with pleasure in her desk chair as she let her bullet take her to pleasure town.  Clara got so carried away in that moment of bliss that she adjusted the level of vibration on her bullet and that's when it happened... 

Almost simultaneously, Clara let out the biggest erotic scream...whiskers jumped in fright and ran into the laptop on her desk causing her C.E.O to get an eyeful of Clara's glistening wet cunt and bullet that laid in the open palm of hand.  

In that very moment it felt as if time had frozen still. 

Then Clara stood up and turned her bare-naked bottom towards the computer.  She spread her legs, bent over, and turned her head towards the computer that had all eyes on her.  "To be continued Sir." Clara said in the sexiest voice ever.  Then she closed her laptop ending her portion of the conference call.  "Now where was I..." Clara said as she grabbed the bullet and adjusted the speed once again. 

-- Tokyo Rose

10 Speed Bullet Vibrator  

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