The Best in Erotica....

 After a long week of being the best wife, little league coach, and soccer mom Ashley was  so relieved that it was finally Friday.  "TGIF"  she thought to herself as she got ready for her quarterly girls night out. Tonight was salsa night and so she found the sexiest  milf dress in her closet. It was a cute little baby doll dress that showed just enough cleavage and thigh to fit in with the rest of the vibrant hotties who would be at the venue.
 Ashley searched her top dresser drawer frantically as she looked at the clock for a cute little choker that would complete her ensemble.  Her choker was nowhere to be found.  As Ashley checked the next drawer she saw the black leather sexy handcuffs 3 piece set  her husband had gotten her for Valentines last year. Memories of that February night  of pleasure took over her mind for a moment.  Remembering how erotic that night was  for the two of them caused Ashley's panties to become wet.  Ashley decided not to replace the panties she had just removed as she was now feeling extra sexy thanks to her memories.  Ashley still needed something around her neck; but what...?
 Then it hit her...the perfect accessory to go with her panty less dress. Ashley grabbed the collar piece that was part of her 3 piece handcuff valentine gift set  and placed it around her neck. The doorbell rang and her girls entered inside her home. Before Ashley could grab her coat her husband stopped her with a bewildered look on his  face.  "Isn't that the same collar you had on when I fucked you up against the kitchen counter with a leash connected to it on Valentine's day?"   
 Ashley quickly grabbed a handful of his hard cock and whispered into his ear "I left the  cuffs out for later.  Get the leash ready".  Then Ashley kissed her husband and twin boys and she and her girls left for their night out. But not before asking Alexa to play Drunk in Love by Beyonce and Jay-z on her husbands device. 
Leather sexy handcuffs 3 pcs/set adult
--Tokyo Rose